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Kathy has a strong passion for her profession. “The dietary and lifestyle choices we make in our lives can impact on our health status in either a good way or a bad way.” Kathy would like to spread the word, and educate people on the importance of nutrition in our health. “One bad decision can alter our health in a negative way. It’s never too late, even one simple change can positively influence our health. Remember, the longer its left, the longer it will take to improve your health.”

Kathy’s passion for nutrition began after years of ill health. For many years she went to doctors and specialists with little improvement in her health. Finally, she was fed up, and decided to take charge of her own health and do something about it. She decided to control her health rather than let her health control her. Kathy studied at Nature Care College for 6 years where she completed an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine and a Diploma of Nutrition. Her marks reflected her passion and determination for answers. She continues to keep up to date with the industry and broaden her knowledge and education.

Upon completion of her studies, Kathy now has the knowledge to maintain her health and reduce symptoms during flare-ups. She is now able to lead a better quality of life with reduced problems. It is this experience that has led Kathy to help others achieve optimal health. “I know that if I had more knowledge when I was younger regarding health and nutrition, I may not have experienced the many problems I have had to face over the years.”

“I believe that any positive change is a good change, and looking after our inner body will help improve our health dramatically. It’s like putting fuel in a car, if you put the wrong fuel in, it won’t go and the engine will be damaged. Our body works much the same, you put the wrong foods in, over a period of time, the organs that keep the body going will eventually become damaged or deteriorate, and their functions will be reduced, and thus lead to poor health.”

Kathy’s personal experience and education have led her to an interest in health issues relating to the digestive system. “Gut related problems may include: pain, inflammation, IBS, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, flatulence, swelling, joint pain, allergies, sensitivities, hay fever, food & environmental intolerances, stress, anxiety, fatigue, skin problems, and feeling unwell. It’s amazing how many of these symptoms relate to our gut health. A good functioning gut and liver reduces risks of health problems and minimizes long-term or chronic health issues.” Kathy’s GIT program will help you get back on track and put the bounce back in you – revitalised and refreshed!

Kathy also has an interest in sports nutrition, and her research in this area so far has given her the acquired knowledge for sports nutrition. If you’re looking at starting an exercise program, Hills Nutrition 4 Health can get you started on the right track with optimal nutrition and recovery plans.

An initial consultation, up to 1 ½ hours includes a full systems review, nutritional information sheets, and individualised treatment plans. Kathy is an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, and health fund rebates are available with participating funds. Her service also offers home visits as required, and discounts for pensioners and children under 12 years of age.

Hills Nutrition 4 Health
Northmead NSW  2152
ATMS Accredited Practitioner

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